Sgmetal gives present, aggressive and forceful costs for all scrap metals, guaranteeing greatest profits for all scrap material. Its skill and expert offices permits it to process all metals productively and give the best costs to every one of your necessities. One telephone call will give you a no commitment free citation.

Sell Scrap Metal to Us

Scrap costs for lead, copper, zinc, metal, aluminum, stainless steel and different ferrous and non-ferrous metals change routinely. Subsequently as one of the real scrap metal organizations in the Singapore we offer present and focused costs for all scrap metals. 

We can exchange with the most astounding bidder whichever time zone they are in. You would think that it intense to offer your material for more than our merchants can. Call us for a no commitment cite on your scrap! 

We buy and gather scrap metal from clients who produce waste metal all through the Singapore from industries that include:

Producing organizations 

Waste Stream 

Destruction Contractors 

Service Companies 

Business Sector Services 

Private Customers

Buy Scrap Metals from Us

Sgmetal take incredible pride in our reliable quality supply of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals to a considerable lot of clietns throughout Singapore.

We have the capacity to supply multi-tonnage necessities with the assistance of our up to the moment handling hardware.


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