Sgmetal Pte Ltd is a company that specialized in scrapping metal and recycling it for uses. We also provides highly efficient and cost effective scrap metal management, slag handing and other support services for our clients.
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In Singapore, around 1.41 million tons of ferrous metal scrap was produced and the reusing rate is 97% in 2013. For non-ferrous metal scrap, 135,100 tons was created and the reusing rate is 84% in 2013. Different kinds and sizes of metal scrap are gathered by waste metal gatherers and dealers. Beverage jars and metal holders are typically gathered through the reusing projects. The metal scrap are sorted by sort physically or by utilizing magnets. The sorted metals are then cut, sheared, destroyed, baled or briquetted for capacity and transportation. Steel sc..

Scrap metal begins both in business and private situations. Normally a "scrapper" will publicize their administrations to advantageously evacuate scrap metal for individuals who needn't bother with it, or need to dispose of it. 

Scrap is regularly taken to a destroying yard (otherwise called a scrapyard, junkyard, or breaker's yard), where it is prepared for later softening into new items. A destroying yard, contingent upon its area, may permit clients to search their parcel and buy things before they are sent to the smelters, albeit numerous scrap yards that arrangement in expan..

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Sgmetal is very professional in their scrap metal services.  They are very responsive overall and helpful in areas that are not covered in their jobscope.  Thank you a lot for your help, and keep up the good work...
Benefits of metal recycling
05 May, 2015

Despite the fact that the act of recouping metals for their quality goes back a great many years, today, the ecological impetuses have turned into an amazingly critical part of the business. As of now, around 45% of the world's steel creation originates from reused metal, alongside around 33% of the world's aluminum and more than 40% of the world's copper. Reusing rates are quickly expanding; i..


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